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In this "Collection François Castet", you will find my own works as well as my friends composer's works for the guitar.

Collection François Castet

April 2000


DZ 191 Élégie amoureuse little harp (harp or harpsichord) and guitare

CASTET, François

DZ 119 Ma guitare part en voyage solo guitar

DZ 124 9 duos sur des airs populaires du Guatemala et du Costa Rica 2 guitars

DZ 125 12 duos sur des chansons populaires espagnoles 2 guitars

DZ 126 Airs populaires d'Espagne, du Guatemala et du Costa Rica 3 guitars

DZ 150 Duos de partout et d'ailleurs, vol. 1 2 guitars

DZ 152 Duos de partout et d'ailleurs, vol. 2 2 guitars

DZ 156 Pour jouer à trois, vol. 1 3 guitars

DZ 168 Nos premiers duos, vol. 1 2 guitars

DZ 182 Trios tropicaux 3 guitars

DZ 200 Nos premiers duos, vol. 2 2 guitars

DZ 220 My guitar and me - Mi guitarra y yo - Ma guitare et moi - Meine Gitarre und ich Guitar method for young children

DZ220 I recommand you to visit ! "ma guitare et moi"

DZ 284 Six duos sur des chansons populaires mexicaines 2 guitares 

DZ 294 Six Noëls de Provence 4 guitars

DZ 297 Six Noëls d'Europe Vol I 4 guitars

DZ 300 Dix Noëls sol guitar

DZ 303 Six Noëls d'Europe Vol II 4 guitars

CORTÉS, Juan Manuel

DZ 120 Jazmín 3 guitars

DZ 129 Mulhacén guitar solo

DZ 130 Tríptico flute and guitar

DZ 131 Nuages flute and guitar

DZ 132 La Danza de Selene flute and guitar

DZ 133 L'arbre tombé 2 guitars

DZ 134 Lune pourpre 2 guitars

DZ 135 Fantaisie harpsichord and guitar

DZ 136 Sérénade harpsichord and guitar

DZ 137 Paysage harpsichord and guitar

DZ 151 Albar 4 guitars

DZ 225 Iber - Concerto for guitar and orchestra

DZ 226 Iber - Concerto (réd. de piano) guitar and orchestra

DZ 301 Micropièces solo guitar

HANDEL, Georg Friedrich (F. Castet)

DZ 127 Sonate 3 guitars

OGAWA, Takashi

DZ 176 Élégie pour la stèle d'un inconnu solo guitar

DZ 177 Petit album évocateur et facile solo guitar

DZ 178 Cinq sérénades violin or clarinette and guitar

DZ 179 Le monde des animaux solo guitar

DZ 180 Trois chansons et danses solo guitar

DZ 181 Choral, variations et fugue sur " Sakura " 2 guitars

DZ 184 Trois paysages, huit promenades solo guitar

DZ 201 Suite espiègle clarinette or flûte and guitar

DZ 215 Visions passées 4 guitars

DZ 230 Trois danses capricieuses 3 guitars

DZ 235 Bonne nuit, petite étoile solo guitar

DZ 236 Sur un nuage flottant solo guitar

DZ 268 Fantaisie sur une chanson japonaise " Kojo no tsuki " guitar orchestra

DZ 295 Petit Album évocateur et facile Vol II solo guitar


DZ 237 Violão do Brasil solo guitar

DZ 238 Garrawog blues 4 guitars

DZ 280 Forlane solo guitar

PERRIN, Philippe

DZ 128 Sauros 3 guitars

RAVEL, Maurice (F. Castet)

DZ 194 Pavane pour une infante défunte 2 guitars

SATIE, Érik (F. Castet)

DZ 213 Gnossiennes 2 guitars

Do you want to have a look on some pages and to listen some pieces ?

First have a look?

Caj-wom (9 duos sur des airs populaires du Guatemala et du Costa Rica)

Occidente (9 Duos sur des airs populaires du Guatemala et du Costa Rica)

Tienes los cabellos de oro (12 Duos sur des chansons populaires espagnoles)

Negros como el azabache (7 Trios sur des airs populaires d'Espagne, du Guatemala et du Costa Rica)

¡Ay morena! (12 Duos sur des chansons populaires espagnoles)

1° Mouvement de la Sonate concertante de G. F. Handel

Mamae eu quero (extrait de "Ma guitare part en voyage")

Complainte lointaine ("Duos de partout et d'ailleurs" Volume I

Quatre Variations ("Nos premiers duos Vol 1)

La Tarara ("Pour jouer à trois Vol I")

El que camina de lado ("Trios tropicaux")

Valse lente ("Nos premiers duos Vol II")

Valse de Brignais ("Nos premiers duos Vol II")

Gnossienne N° 3 (Eric Satie)

Pavane pour une infante défunte (Maurice Ravel)

Per noun langui ("Six Noëls de Provence" - 4 guitares)

Vamos cantando ("Six Noëls d'Europe" - 4 guitares)

Stille Nacht ("Six Noëls d'Europe - 4 guitare)

Stille Nacht ("Dix Noëls" - guitare seule)

Listen now?

A los árboles altos (Chansons populaires espagnoles)

Tienes los cabellos de oro (Chansons populaires espagnoles

Occidente (Duos Guatemala et Costa Rica)

Noche buena (Trios Espagne Guatemala Costa Rica)

Negros como el azabache (Trios Espagne Guatemala Costa Rica)

2° Mouvement (Sauros)

Valse de Brignais (Nos premiers duos Vol II)

Gnossienne III d'Erik Satie

El Vito (Pour jouer à trois)

Candido delirio (Duos Guatemala et Costa Rica)

Tristezas quetzaltecas (Trios Espagne Guatemala Costa Rica)

Quatrième mouvement (Sonata Handel)

Valse Lente (Nos premiers duos Vol II)

Stille Nacht (Six Noëls d'Europe Vol I - 4 guitares)

Per noun langui (Six Noëls de Provence - 4 guitares)

Les anges dans nos campagnes (Six Noëls d'Europe Vol I - 4 guitares)

Vamos cantando (Six Noëls d'Europe Vol II - 4 guitares

Some reviews:

CASTET, François, DZ 124, DZ 125, DZ 126

The traditional songs and melodies of Spain have long provided a rich source of material and inspiration for composers and arrangers, but the music of Central America has been hoard very little. For these three editions, Castet has amassed a fine collection of song settings and original compositions based upon traditional rnelodies. In the duos, it is useful to have the option of performance with two guitars or with one guitar and a flute, recorder, oboe, etc. Candido delirio, form Costa Rica, is offered as a guitar duet or as a work for guitar and two recorders. Lyrics are included for the Spanish songs in DZ 125, and these provide an effective performance option as well as a rnost welcome source of insight about the pieces.

In the trios, the arranger's emphasis seems to have been on clarity instead of inventiveness. All the settings are quite straightforward, but this does not defract from the value of the pieces. The lovely melodies have been allowed to speak sirnply with-out excess baggage. This also keeps the pieces within comfortable reach of student ensembles. (David Grimes - Soundboard)

CASTET, François, Duos de partout et d'ailleurs, vol. 1, et Airs populaires d'Espagne, du Guatemala et du Costa Rica...

Voici huit duos de deux pages, faciles et parfaitement typés, donc entraînants valsette,de mode oriental sous titré "Le pas des chameaux (il n'y a pas systématisme enfantin dans les titres mais une adéquation impeccable à l'atmosphère de la pièce), cornplainte médiévale, ballade triste ... : la musique est variée et fait mouche à chaque fois sans attendre. Il faut plus de vivacité et de légèreté rythmique pour les sept trios qui restent cependant assez faciles digitalement. Tous ternaires, ils superposent systématiquement deux voix mélodiques homorythrniques à une basse de type valse ou arpèges. (François Dry - Les cahiers de la guitare)

HANDEL (arr. François Castet) Sonate, 3 guitares

Très bon matériel ... original pour viole de gambe et clavecin. Sera appréciée pour son équilibre et la qualité de sa musique. I)ifficulté moyenne. (Catherine Fayance - Les cahiers de la guitare)

The Classical Guitar Review - UK : "12 duos SUR DES CHANSONS POPULAIRES ESPAGNOLES arranged for two guitars by Francois Castet Les Productions D'Oz, Canada. DZ125. 32 pages.

From a teacher¹s viewpoint, this is an excellent collection to have at hand in a lesson. The twelve duos are arranged with guitar one having a single melody line and guitar two providing the harmony in a technically more demanding part. Therefore they are ideal for sightreading with students (which I have been doing successfully now for a couple of weeks) and the majority opinion is that they are well worth playing through. The music itself is attractive and appealing with many contrasts of rhythm and mood. If a singer is available the words for each song is given (in Spanish) at the rear of the album. Most of these would be absolutely right for the annual student concert, informal duo recital etc. Presentation is excellent and the grading is of around the 3-4 standard.

Recommended. Steve Marsh"

The Classical Guitar Review - UK : "Without exception, all these nine pieces are a delight to play. The simple, almost naive lyricism and harmony of this style of music is its major attraction. I sight-read through the book several times with some of my students and it has proved to be very popular (with several of the items appearing in my annual pupils' concert). Guitar one is where the melodic interest lies for the main part in this music, but guitar two is not just relegated to an uninspiring accompaniment; instead the arranger has done an excellent job in maintaining attraction in this line too. The tunes are very singable with a couple of really engaging items (Candido delirio - which has a separate pull-out score for the addition of two flutes - and La Sanjuanerita)......The presentation is excellent with top-quality printing and an attractive, sturdy cover. The grading ranges around the 4-5 standard. Recommended. Steve Marsh"

Castet, François "Ma guitare part en voyage"

Aimed at youthful beginners of all ages, this is a collection of short arrangements and compositions designed to stimulate the imagination as well as exercise the fingers. Included are folk and traditional songs from Mexico, Spain, France, El Salvador, Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela and Turkey, all in straight-forward and simple arrangements. Interspersed with these are original compositions by Castet, Juan Manuel Cortés, Sylvain Lemay, Spencer Doidge and Fabienne Goy, also evocative of different parts of the globe.The pieces are not strictly in progressive order, although those pieces that move up the fingerboard are grouped at the end of the book. The introduction invites the voyage to design his or her own tour. With simple techniques, open textures and attractive melodies, this volume offers a fine assortment of didactic and recreational pieces for guitarists in the early stages.

(David Grimes, Soundboard)
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