About the guitar... by François Castet 

A word about copying music ?

The reasons why we copy music :

We could find other reasons, still more...

We are all responsible: copying is a poison !

It is forgery...

What a pleasure to handle these loose sheets, never stuck together, always muddled up, falling from the music-stand at the first breath of wind! It is so nice to get the wrong page when one is connecting a piece!

Who knows the pleasure of a beautifull book, well printed, well binded, agreable to touch and to look at?

Could you name me any lover of beautiful books owning a photocopy library?

Who could ignore that copying is compared with fraudulous imitation? The law is probably the same all over the world?

The publishers are certainly strong enough to defend themselves! But one knows what enormous amounts of money they spend on printing, broadcasting music (and earning their living!): no publishers, no more music in the shops! By dint of having their music stolen, they will disappear and we'll have no more music to play but old dirty copies...

We - composers, teachers, transcribers - work hard, and get very few rewards... Trough copying the works of our colleagues, we are "cutting the branch on which we are ourselves seated"! When there'll be no more publisher, we'll serve our pupils the copies of our own works... what a future!

An idea ?

Instead of crying against this phenomen, the publisher of all fields could invest, all together, to promote some chemical research: an ink which would fade away when struck by the violent light of the photocopier ? A paper which would turn colour if exposed to this light? If there is a physical difference between sun light and the copier's light, this method would allow you to play even in the sun light (and get tanned!) without any danger for the score...

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If you print this, you have counterfact money!


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