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Casimiro Lozano,


I'm really happy to present you Casimiro Lozano, because his work is really wonderful.

Of course, his guitars are the perfect work of a great luthier. But there is a lot of beautiful guitars... with little sound. Here, the sound is very impressive.
Casimiro's guitars have the sound of which all of us are dreaming : very strong, perfectly well balanced, with rich harmonics well checked. And they are really very easy to play...

Casimiro is passionated for the sound and worked obstinately to search and find the secrets of the sound. We ordered for the "Duo de Guitares de Lyon" (my ex studends and friends Florence Creugny and Alexandre Bernoud) two beautifull guitars, necessary for this excellent duo, two guitar with exactly the same sound. We saw that the result was not like a coincidence!

Casimiro is beginning to be known in the USA because he is sold in a shop there (this shop has a home page on the web). He sells also a lot in Japan : they love him! And also, of course in Spain and other countries.

Casimiro works only by order, but, generally, you may see in his workshop two or three guitars just ready to be sent far away.

Casimiro Lozano is 44 years old in 98. He entered in the world of guitar makers at 16 years old... Later, very soon, he directed workshops like "Manufacturas Cuenca", after learning everything about guitar making. He was very interested in the sound mistery, worked alone this subject and discovered his own secrets! He decided to become an independent luthier in 83. He wants to stay alone in his workshop : no apprentice, no assistant. He prefers a limited production, but only from his hands... and ears.
When Juan Manuel Cortés helped me to know Casimiro, he told me "also his prices are very sweets"!

Casimiro Lozano makes mainly two models : study and concert. The price is the half for the "study" model, but the quality and the sound are the same. Proudly, Casimiro give you a life garantee...

When you will see one, you will want it immediately!

Some pictures of a very recent study guitar :

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